Why is it important to get your car serviced?
Part of the servicing schedule is about ensuring that the engine is running correctly, that there are no problems with the brakes, that the tyres
are correctly inflated and the filters are changed regularly. If all that is attended to properly and the adjustments carried out then the engine will
run efficiently, there will be fewer problems with fuel consumption and of course it’s good for the environment. Regular servicing is also
important for the warranty as several cases of engine failures and transmission failures where because the vehicles haven’t been serviced
quite on time the warranty payments have been declined.
How often should your car be serviced?
It’s a good and necessary thing to have your car serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. But of
course it’s a better thing if your car is serviced more frequently because that ensures that the brakes, the steering, the suspension etc are all
looked after more carefully and more frequently which can also improve the saleability of that car, whether old or new. It can be very tempting
with an older vehicle to fall into the trap of extending the time and distance intervals between services but that’s not a good idea. An older
vehicle if anything needs more regular servicing. If these service schedules are left too long then it could result in fairly drastic engine damage.
What should be covered in a service?
All the safety related items should be covered – the brakes, the steering, the suspension, the tyres, the tyre pressure, lighting, windscreen
wipers etc. Then secondary to those but equally important are the normal everyday things that you would expect in your service such as the
replacement of oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, as per the manufacturer’s schedule.
Where should you get your car serviced?
We would suggest that your servicing be carried out by people who are recommended to you. It’s very important that you have confidence in
the people who are servicing your car and you trust them. If you can find a garage where the technician who’s working on your car comes out,
speaks to you before the service is carried out, asks you if there are any problems with the car and discusses things openly with you then you
probably have the right person.